Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 tuesday is a weekly post sponsored by the Broke and Bookish. This weeks Top 10 Tuesday topic is one I’m SUPER excited about. The topic is 10 characters that would be my BFF. Without farther ado…. 

1.     Emma Hawthorne - Mother Daughter Book Club: OMG Emma would probably be one of my best friends of all time. She is one of the only people that could probably keep up with how fast I read a book.

2.     Wren – Fangirl: Wren…Wren…Wren… Wren just seems so book nerdy/awesome/only other person I know who would rather read then go out on a Friday.

3.     Daisy Appleby – Revived: Daisy just has the best sense of humor, is super smart, and is calm in basically any situation.

4.     Delilah – Between The Lines: Delilah is so awesome. I feel like we would just click and she just reminds me of myself.

5.     Hazel Grace – The Fault In Our Stars: Hazel loves books so much and has such a passion for them.

6.     Annabeth Chase – Percy Jackson: I love Annabeth’s love of knowledge and sense of humor. I feel like she would be the perfect friend to have in class cause she could A) help you study and B) correct the teacher causing an argument getting us out of class.

7.     Roux – Also Known As: Roux is so hilarious I think she would be the best friend ever!

8.     Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter: I am in love with Luna’s quicky-ness and her bravery to not be bothered by what people think of her. I think she would be the type of friend you could go to for any problem and she would give you great advice.

UGHHHHH! I got so close but I’m stumped for the last two! Hopefully I have better luck next week. 
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