Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time After Time

Time After Time
(Sequal to Time Between Us)
Tamera Ireland Stone

I loved the first book in the series but was disappointed with the second. When a guy/girl freaks out about seeing their girlfriend boyfriend with someone else and breaks up with him or her without hearing the other side of the story or telling them why they’re breaking up is one of my least favorite things in any story. It causes unneeded suspense/worry. I felt like this book had multiple things like that. After Anna and Bennet solved one problem another one came and took its place. It seems liked Time between Us did great so lets make a sequel and I didn’t like the sequel. It was very interesting to see Bennet’s POV but I wish it switched chapter to chapter so that we could see how Anna, a character we already know more than Bennet, reacted to the problems/situations that came up. Seeing Bennet’s home life was very interesting though, how much it varied from Anna’s home life, the amount of secrets kept from his parents and his friends, his relationship with Brooke. Sometimes when I read YA book centered on a relationship I wish I had a guy that acted like that, that would do sweet little surprises that would listen to you and care about the things you cared about. But I don’t feel that with Bennet and Anna’s relationship. 

Anna: Bennet, her family, running, travel in the beginning of the first book Anna seemed very head strong and independent. I feel like since then, she isn’t as independent and headstrong. She’s more interested in Bennet, making it work with him, and anything Bennet related then any of her own interests. I found this disappointing. It’s possible for a girl to have a boyfriend but not JUST be a girlfriend and to still be her own person.

Bennet: Anna, Brooke, music, Travel The amount of effort Bennet put into his relationship with Anna was amazing. But I feel like he depended on Anna too much the same way Anna depended on him too much. Their relation ship reminded me of Richandamy from Zits as if neither of them could live with out the other


If you see it at the library rent it but I wouldn’t even bothering putting it on hold.

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