Wednesday, February 19, 2014


By Cat Patrick


Okay so this book I went into a little bit skeptically. The summary of it made it sound slightly creepy and I HATE creepy books! But I had loved Cat Patrick’s other novel forgotten and I have to say I loved this one just as much.
At the begging of the book we hear how Daisy, the MC was killed in a bus crash when she was young. An experimental drug, known as revive was tested on her and since then she’s been “revived” five times. The only thing that really bugged me about this book is we never really learned what happened to Daisy’s parents, which really bugged me. At one point we hear that she lived with nuns before the crash but we don’t learn much about her past before the crash. I wish we could have learned more about it.


Daisy: obsessions: Matt, Revive, Megan, and Revive. Daisy isn’t my favorite character ever. She seemed clueless about the world around her and bugged me a bit. When she did decide to try and make friends after being revived for the first time I didn’t like how she became best friends with the first girl she met. I love Audrey she’s amazing but that just seemed unrealistic to me.

Mason: obsessions: revive, Daisy. Although it seems like Mason and Daisy were just kinda thrown together, I loved the relationship between them. Half the time it was as if they were acting, pretending to be a father/daughter, but the other half you could see how much they cared for each other


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