Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Read-A-Thon Day 2

Bout of Books

Well it is day 2 of the read-a-thon and i did not get as much reading done as i hoped but i already finished and wrote a review for one book so i think i am doing pretty good. :)
At the moment i am at page 67 in Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone. So far its okay, and i am hoping that it gets better.

One of todays challenge is hosted by My Life in Books and the challenge is to pick 3+ characters and put them against each other and then choose who wins.

I decided to pick the Kick-Ass Sidekicks in books.

First up is Roux! Roux is in Also Known As and is Maggies best friend. Her three strengths are 1) she punched a dude in the face, 2) she can hold an impressive amount of alcohol, and 3) She is impressively smart about anything not pertaining to school. Her weaknesses are 1) she doesn't think before she speaks, 2) she can make very stupid deciosns after she has consumed impressive amounts of alcohol, and 3) She has a hard time acting serious.

Second up is....... Ginny Weasley!!!!! her likable qualities 1) She got her famous childhood crush, 2) She can perform an awesome bat-boogey curse, 3) kinda obvious but very helpful, she's a wizard. Now for her not so likable qualities 1) She's stubborn, 2) She can be rude, 3) she would sacrifice he life for Harry.

The third and final contestant is....... Annabeth Chase! Her good qualities: 1) She has read almost every book, 2) she is dangerous with a sword or dagger 3) she can make the best strategies. her not go good qualities: 1) overly self confident, 2) stubborn, 3) hates being wrong.

In the end i think that Roux would end up winning just because elf the fact that she is the badest bad ass of them all.

so thats it!

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